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High Performance International
Standup Paddle Training & Coaching


Training Club

Dana Point Harbor

Five sessions offered per week for members to train together and have fun on and off the water.


Online Instruction

Learn From Home

Live webinar style instruction in 12 specific topics using videos, images and graphics. 




Private, group, team and online options to improve your racing, surfing, and enjoyment.

Performance Paddling Training Club

Online Instructional Webinars


Level 1

Back to Basics
Where Are Your Feet
How Deep Is Your Blade

Level 2

Happy Feet

Paddling Straight

How Do I Turn This Thing

Level 3

How Do I Go Fast

Beach Starts

How To Catch Waves

Level 4

Getting Through Waves

Turning Strategy

The Art of Drafting

Private, Group, and Online Coaching

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